At a young age, the person who would later become known as HoodStar took an interest in music. Although shy at school, music showed another side of me and made me the person I am today. Recording began as an experiment to see if what we could create with very basic tools would transpire into something worth putting money into or would fail terribly. I picked up skills along the way like producing and using certain software to create a unique sound. A few years later in 2005, Mr. Doitbigg and I founded Do It Big Records. The name ‘Do It Big’ was inspired due to the BIG dreams we shared of becoming big stars one day. We began to take our part more seriously, pushing greater to outshine and go harder than others who thought themselves to be at the top. With this in mind I looked to the lyrical value of Trae The Truth, Z-Ro and other like artists. After multiple mixtapes, various club performances, and private parties, Mr. Doitbigg and I along with other artist from the McKinney area continue to make music in an effort to expand and promote our name and label.

Email: Hoodstar_dib@yahoo.com

Mr. Do It Bigg

Do It BIG Records was created in early 2005 by Jose ”Mr.DoItBIgg” Acosta and Luis ”Hoodstar” Vega. They started recording music in 2003 with one of their friends from school. Jose and Luis learned quickly about the industry and decided to take the challeng in to becoming a hip-hop artist. They both decided to purches a computer and a microphone to start recording their own music. Not having a actual studio to record they thought it would be a good way to start by recording in their room. in the middle of 2005 they released a cd and named it ”The Begining”. The cd featured Jose, Luis and another friend named raul. The cd quickly became known around the school by friends and other students. They decided to call the group ”Do It BIG Records’ because at the time they were broke and wanted to make it big one day. Ever since that cd they have taken the music serious and been dropping mix tape after mix tape. Now their working on releasing a album releasing late 2012. Do It BIG Records has came a long way and dose not plan to stop any time soon. Everything they do is indepentent, they write their own music, record their own music, make their own beats and even book their own shows. These are two independent, dedicated artist that will soon hit the big screen.